LOC Church
Men's Ministry
Game Plan for Christ: LOC Men's Ministry
Core Reality:
In view of the Father's mercy in sending His Son to die so we will live forever, this is our core reality:  We owe our Heavenly Father everything!

Therefore we will honor Him:
*By our loving commitment to Him before and above all others
*In our homes, as spiritual leaders
*By submitting to Him on a daily basis, looking to follow our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ
*On our teams by encouraging and supporting each other
*By reading the Father's Playbook--the Bible
*At work, as men of integrity, faith and compassion
*With our finances, returning a joyful portion to Him first
*By inviting people to return to Him
*On Sundays, as we join with our families and teams to worship Him
*And by representing Him in His world.
Game Plan for Christ Priorities:
1. Help every man become the Spiritual Leader of his family
2. The Bible is our Play Book
3. Grow spiritually and numerically

Jesus invited ordinary men (mostly fishermen) to follow Him.  He is still inviting ordinary men to follow Him.

We invite you to give one of our men's teams a try.  Commit to attending at least 4 times.  If at the end of that time you do not sense a powerful move of God's Spirit in your heart and mind, then maybe it's not for you.

However if you are like most of our men, the Father will give you wisdom, love, strength, joy and gentleness like you've never known.

What have you got to lose?
More importantly, what have you got to gain?

Men's Ministry Messages from Pastor Moe:
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These are our current Teams:
7:00 pm Mondays: Panera Bakery
W of San Tan Village
Head Coach: Brent Grimes - bnjinaz@msn.com
10:30am Tuesdays: Panera(AZ & Ocotillo)
Head Coach: Paul Hoffland - phoffland@gmail.com
6:15 pm Wednesdays: Sidelines Grill
Head Coach: Jon Cooper - coopinator@cox.net
6:30 am Fridays: LOC
Head Coach: Jeff Ford - jeffsueford@reagan.com
7:00 am Saturdays: LOC
Head Coach: Pastor Moe Redding - pastormoe@loc-az.org

Men's Ministry Coordinator: Coach Paul Hoffland - phoffland@gmail.com